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March 2, 2013:

2012 was a very busy year and 2013 doesn't look like it's slowing down any. Last year saw a minor surgery in January, Spring Break trip to Stone Mountain GA with 3 of the girls (Skyla, Katelyn and Laney), a trip to Rock City with 3 of the boys (Joey, Brandon and Logan) (actually only Joey and I went to Rock City because Logan had an accident in the hotel swimming pool and ended up in the hospital overnight and Paul came and took them home so that he could recover), a youth trip to Washington DC with Skyla and other kids and adults from church, a Fall Break trip to Myrtle Beach with 3 of the girls (Alex, Skyla and Laney), not to mention other little day or overnight trips to Alabama and North Carolina. Our church did Love Kitchen several times and Holy Week, of course, and there was Wednesday Night Live and Space for Grace and 24-hour Prayer Vigil and PUMPKINS!  The family reunion grew a little more this October and we can't wait for the next one. The family came to my house for Christmas on Christmas's the first time Eric has been here for 12 years and David and his family came and we all had a great time! Paul and Amy and the boys didn't make it up from Alabama but I went down a few days later and had Christmas with them. Some of us went to Tracy's for Christmas dinner and playing games...we played Quest and had a really great, zany time. I spent some time this year with Connie Sue and Iva.

So far this year the only trip has been the Winterfest Ski Trip to Sugar Mountain NC. Skyla, Thackery, Katelyn, Laney and I went with other kids and adults from church. Spring Break is coming up fast and I have no idea yet what we are going to do (Callaway Gardens?, Savannah?), whatever we do, we will have fun doing it! I plan to retire sometime this summer, not sure of the actual date yet but I'm looking forward to it. There is a lot I want to do and many places I'd like to see. I will miss the people I work with and actually the work itself but it's time! Eric will be 21 this year! It doesn't seem possible that the little 3-year old boy who entered my heart 18 years ago is a grown man now. He is such a joy to be around. I miss getting to spend time with his sister and two younger brothers but maybe one of these days that will be resolved. For now, I am going to enjoy him and the other grandkids.

It's about the time of year to start doing some yard work and believe me, our yard needs plenty of that. The house needs a good spring cleaning and I need to de-clutter immensely. This is the year that I WILL get that done. I'm on a mission! Time to get busy doing something today so goodbye for now.  

Life is busy and fun!

Pray for our soldiers and ....

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